Lake City Area Arts is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes the arts in our region and provides our community with a wide variety of arts experiences for everyone!

About Us

We are a colorful culture of creativity. We are inclusive. So we build a diverse and inclusive culture where all dimensions of differences are valued. We focus on sparking deeper discussions, making meaningful connections and building empathy.

We will take action with and for others in pursuit of creating equity and inclusion. We will champion the following behaviors:

Embrace All Perspectives: Each perspective has the right to be shared and heard. How you chose to apply it to your personal narrative is your choice. 
Understand Privilege: We all have some kind of privilege, understand how you can leverage your privilege on others behalf as well as how you can benefit from the privilege of others.
Maintain Psychological Safety: Take personal responsibility and action when you notice there is an opinion that is not being heard. 

Meet our Board

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