About the Lake City Area Arts

The Lake City Area Arts (LCAA) was established in 2017 because it was noticed that the Lake City Minnesota area had many independent artistic talents  but no structure in place to bring them all together.
So, some individuals established this non-profit group and today we are seeing something positive grow.
If you as an individual would like to participate please contact us. The more individuals helping, the better we become.

President: Jill Garry

Jil Garry has been helping the community with festivals, community groups and an advocate for Lake City art for many years. Her primary business is Treats and Treasures in Lake City Minnesota.
She is one of the co-founders of this group.

Treasurer: Larry Foster

Larry Foster is a retired Delta Airlines pilot, now an active member of the community and an advocate of the arts. He is also a huge supporter of the Friends of the Library program in Lake City.
Larry is also one of the co-founders.

Promotions: Joan Kaartinen

Joan Kaartinen is an active member of the Lake City Rotary & Chamber and actively helps promote all events at LCAA. She also runs many fundraisers to help out LCAA such as the yearly Halloween Haunted House. Her primary business is Lake City Creative Minds , the main print shop and design agency in Lake City.
She is also a co-founder.

Vice President: Pat Blum

Pat Blum is a retired individual and very active in the community. Her efforts in LCAA are many and she works hard to make sure all activities run smoothly.
She is also a co-founder.

Board Member: Susan Draves

Susan Draves currently works as a Senior Program Director at the University of Minnesota. She is also a wellness advocate, health nut, gym rat, nature freak, likes music, actively helps with the Lake City Farmers Market.

Board Member: Ben Manning

Ben Manning is an accomplished musician and an active member of the LCAA. We appreciate his efforts and he ensures we have musical events. Please check out our Event Calendar for a listing.

Board Member: Linda Albrecht

Linda Albrecht is an individual member of the board and works at the Lake City Chamber.
She organizes many events for the community including, but not limited to Water Ski Days , Tour de Pepin, and Junk Crush.